Gather periodic feedback from your team.

Spark ideas. Identify problems.
Share insights. Boost morale.

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How does it work?

1 Ask Questions

Setup the questions you'd like to ask your team. Create your own questions or use our suggested ones.

2 Get Answers

We'll email your team and ask them to answer your questions and provide honest feedback.

3 Review Feedback

Quickly review all your team's answers and provide feedback which can spark insightful conversation.

4 Repeat Periodically

We'll ask your team to answer your questions periodically. Either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Why should I use it?

Identify Problems

Honest feedback from your team allows you to identify existing or potential problems.

Spark Ideas

Ask your team for product ideas or ways to improve the productivity of their team or company.

Share Insights

Giving and receiving honest feedback from your team will help everyone learn from each other.

Boost Morale

Use your team's feedback to make changes and improve their work environment and your company culture.

Stay Connected

Communicate and open a dialog with team members you don't usually chat with in your day to day.

Show You Care

Using a tool like WatchTower shows your team you care about company culture and what your team thinks.

Make your corporate spending count

WatchTower is a Coding for Cures product. We're a non-profit technology company, and all money we make from your membership goes directly to a charity of your choice. Please visit for more information about how we're sustainably raising money for charities through products like WatchTower.

How much does it cost?



up to 3 users



up to 10 users



each additional user


Discount pricing is available for large companies. Contact us for details.